Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement ring settings are the portion commonly thought of as the “ring” portion of the ring. This section includes the band, accent stones around your main stone, and the prongs that hold your main stone, usually a diamond.

When selecting a setting, you have a variety of metals and styles to choose from.

When selecting your engagement ring metal, you can choose a gold engagement ring (white or yellow gold), two-tone engagement ring, or a platinum engagement ring.

When choosing an engagement ring setting, think about it in relation to you and your personality.

Are you shy, quiet, and modest? Find engagement ring settings that have a classic elegance to them.

Are you outgoing, the “life of the party”, fun, and daring? Find engagement ring settings that have some color and are a little larger than average.

You must keep this in mind, most people wear the same engagement ring for life. That means in 20 years, trends will be different, so think about that when choosing your engagement ring settings.