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10 tips to choose your wedding rings

One of the most enjoyable and crucial moments of preparing for the wedding is the choice of wedding rings. The custom of putting a ring on a ring finger has been preserved since the time of the ancient Romans, who believed that it was inside this finger that there was a so-called “vein of love” leading directly to the heart.

Engagemend rings

When choosing an engagement ring, imagine how it will look on your hand with the engagement ring after the wedding. From the moment of engagement to the wedding day, the bride must wear a ring for engagement. They usually wear it on the ring finger of the left hand (in some countries, the right).

TIP! Of course, buying an engagement ring is an additional cost, but! Three jewelry is already a good reason for bargaining. The discount can be up to 15%.

Decide on metal

First of all, decide on the metal from which the rings will be made – yellow, white or red gold, silver or platinum. Or maybe you like modern combinations: silver-copper, silver-rhodium, various compositions from colored gold.

If we talk about the most popular metals, now it is white and pink gold, platinum, palladium. Please note that recently fashionable silver rings require special care.

TIP! Remember, what metal jewelry do you wear most often? This will help a lot in choosing, since now you have to combine them with a wedding ring.

With stones or without

According to tradition, an engagement ring is made without stones and a picture – “so that life is smooth.” If you think this is a relic of the past – feel free to consider the option of rings with stones.

  • Is it convenient for you to have a ring with a stone
  • Does not cling clothes or hair
  • How firmly the stone is fixed in the ring

When thinking about how to choose a wedding band with a diamond or other inserts, remember that the presence of stones immediately increases the cost of the ring. Although there are a few secrets, knowing which, you can save when buying rings with stones:

  • Gold color. You can choose smaller stones, but beat with the color of gold – on white gold diamonds visually seem larger.
  • Colored stones. Use colored gems – rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds in fancy colors: black, yellow, cognac. They are usually a little cheaper.
  • The size of the stones. When using stones up to 0.3 carats, characteristics are not of great importance. The color up to J and the purity up to i3 according to the GIA classification for diamonds of this size look pretty well, and hardly anyone will consider them with a magnifying glass

Classic or originality

Once upon a time, an engagement ring was an ordinary wide golden stripe. Now creative is welcome in everything.

In order to emphasize the uniqueness of your couple, you can order rings in the form of a Moebius band, knots or in the form of any word meaningful to you. The original design is usually harder to make. Therefore, the margin on them is often from 15% and above – depending on complexity.

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